Centurion Capital is an Australian fund manager that focuses on secured loans over residential property. The company actively manages a portfolio of short-term loans secured by first mortgages on residential real estate on behalf of investors.



Our team is in charge of institutional and wholesale real estate and credit investments. The team also have a background in managing other traditional asset classes such as cash, bonds and shares.

The group was established in 2007, obtaining a full scope Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). With our niche focus and tailored size, we are financially agile to take advantage of opportunities when they arise Focusing on asset classes in which we have extensive knowledge allows us to seize opportunities that might otherwise require time to consider. These chances are all centred on risk-adjusted returns.

With the principals responsible for managing in excess of $10 billion in assets and more than $25 billion in credit derivative, we are well versed in managing risk and seeking alpha for our investors.

In addition to acquiring or originating debt issues, we also seek direct lending opportunities. Our lending focuses on high-quality residential mortgage loan portfolios. We offer residential mortgage lending to borrowers in Australia and we are considered a non-bank mortgage lender specialising in residential loans for customers who require a fast flexible financial solution.